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Forum » Off Topic » Computers / Communication » The Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard + Belkin's n52te
The Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard + Belkin's n52te
D@rk@ngelDate: Monday, 12.21.2009, 11:13 PM | Message # 1
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Keyboard Logitech G19 USB Gaming LCD Blue Backlight + Belkin's n52te

The Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard:
Do you detest gaming keyboards that give you everything you could possibly want in a computer peripheral? Do you absolutely despise having incredibly cool visuals and easy access to all your favorite keys and commands? Well, man, you're really going to hate the Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard!

Offering an absolutely beautiful layout that features a tiltable, full-color GamePanel™ LCD, selectable backlit characters, multi-key access, and over 12 programmable G-keys (with 3 macros a piece), the Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard is here to provide you with the ultimate online gaming experience.

The tiltable LCD screen boasts an awesome full-color 320x240 display that allows you to view all your most important in-game stats, as well as system information, VOIP data, picture slideshows, and even video playback. The 12 programmable G-Keys, allows the user to program up to 36 single keypresses or complex macros, and even features an MR key to record new macros on-the-fly. For some sweet key-mashing action, the Logitech G19 even features multi-key input, which allows you to perform multiple complex actions by using up to five keys at once.

Offering further assistance, the G19 also features a game/desktop mode, which keeps your game from being disrupted by disabling the Windows/Context Menu. For even more convenience, the keyboard also includes an intelligent cable management, instant access to your volume and media controls, and two high-powered USB ports equipped to transfer important data to and from your peripherals.

Tiltable Full-Color GamePanel™ LCD
User-Selectable Backlit Characters
12 Programmable G-keys w/ 3 Macros Per Key
Record New Macros On-the-Fly w/ MR Key
Multi-Key Input (Use Up to 5 Keys at Once!)
Game / Desktop Mode (Avoid Game Interruption by Disabling Windows Menu Keys)

The Belkin's n52te:
Dominate your opponents with Belkin's n52te, an innovative gamepad and keyboard that integrates crucial gaming functions into one, sleekly designed device. Whether your passion is rooted in FPS, MMORPG, or RTS games, Belkin's n52te is built to deliver wicked-fast response to whatever mayhem comes your way
Keyboard and Gamepad Functionality
The n52te puts keyboard and gamepad functionality into one small and easy-to-use unit, delivering more tools for customizing your game than ever. Using feedback from hundreds of gamers, Belkin's engineers designed the n52te's intuitive nature and stylish versatility to give you easy access to your arsenal of deadly maneuvers. An adjustable soft-touch wrist pad offers maximum comfort and endurance, while the backlit keypad and scroll wheel give you total control in dark conditions. Gamers demand speed and instantaneous response, so the n52te features enhanced tactile feedback and button responsiveness for rapid key presses. Non-slip, rubber stability pads keep the device in place so you can concentrate on firing, bobbing, and weaving. Supreme Customization
Need to custom tune your device to match your unique fragging needs? Not a problem with the n52te. Fifteen fully-programmable keys and three keymaps are built for complete customization and speed, giving you intuitive setup and performance. The 8-way thumb pad is programmable, as well, and it sports a removable joystick.

Forum » Off Topic » Computers / Communication » The Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard + Belkin's n52te
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