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Forum » Documents and cool Stuff » Documents and cool stuff for Q3 » Quake 3 Tutorial (Be sure that's not an easy tutorial...)
Quake 3 Tutorial
PsychoDate: Wednesday, 02.10.2010, 8:19 PM | Message # 1
Group: BC-M
Messages: 4
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Hello BananaClan Members! I post this topic because I have seen that most of BananaClan players dont know how to move in Quake world.

It is not to say bad things about someone or to say who play better than who, it is to show you some tips (maybe difficults) you must know about Quake 3.
So let starts this quick tutorial.

First, you need to have Quake 3 Arena 1.32 installed on your computer, a mod for Quake 3 and a training map for this mod :

Mod DeFraG - Download link:

Training map from the video - Download link:

You must install the mod in your "Quake 3 directory" and put the map in "Quake 3/baseq3/" and "Quake 3/defrag/"!

After you did it, watch this 3 quick tutorial videos. They will teach you some tips if you dont succeed to end the map. But read this : the tips like display a hud to show you the perfect movement is not recommanded. You learn faster and better without it.


Video 1 - Genesis, The Beginning Of (Part 1) :

Video 2 - Genesis, The Beginning Of (Part 2) :
Video 2 has the music disable due to a copyright so if you wanna listen same music as first video, listen what I selected for you smile

You can also download the video to have music and the best quality here :

Genesis, The Beginning Of (Full) - Download link:

After watched it and tried it, you will learn why pro-gamers are moving so fast on all maps, cfgs or mods for Quake 3, without shooting a grenade everytime they want speed up. So with training, and most of time without the help of any weapons, you will reach this level and own all others players, only because of your skill to move in Quake 3 :

Video 1 - Clan Hexen training map :

Video 2 - p900 (Mystery) player on DeFraG cups :

Enjoy it! And if you like it, know that there is lots of championship of the training mod DeFraG in the world, like :

- DFWC 1 à 8 (Defrag World Cup)
- FRCUP (French cup)
- CEC (Cool epidemic competition)
- GDFcomp
- UndeadComp
- and more ...

And an other thing : sorry for the bad english language quality smile

TanaKa _

Message edited by Psycho - Wednesday, 02.10.2010, 8:59 PM
D@rk@ngelDate: Wednesday, 02.10.2010, 9:03 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
Messages: 32
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
great post tanaka!!! :))) i will try :P
Forum » Documents and cool Stuff » Documents and cool stuff for Q3 » Quake 3 Tutorial (Be sure that's not an easy tutorial...)
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