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Tuesday, 10.16.2018, 7:03 PM
Welcome Next Fragger
Main » 2010 » February » 17 » Fake! Somebody use FALSE nicknames for shame BananaCLan.
3:53 AM
Fake! Somebody use FALSE nicknames for shame BananaCLan.
Hello! Is important news from 16.II.2010. for people for True Best Players!

Hello I`m WIEJA! Admin BC Server!

Somebody use FALSE nicknames for shame BananaCLan Leaders, Members & Server Admins. Somebody use my nickname or other people... and in the play time use shit WH / AIMBOOT and other cheats!

So! I`m Admin BC*WIEJA and play JUST on my BananaClanServer!
IP Server is:

my nickname code is: "^o^F^0^x85CF38#AA^0^3#C2#E3^0^x85CF38#AA^0^x85CF38^s^xFFFFFF#D7#C9#C5#CA#C1"

Tag make in XP Qname 1.0. So please banned on other servers this idiot who play on my nick for shame me! I have my server and dont use other! When somebody will be cheats or play on nickname like me... banned him please!

I think that will be somebody from HiszY (maybe admin) because we have best server from his or somebody who have bann from me (because that idiot use rasism or cheats!) So again.... bann for somebody who use cheats on others server with nickname WIEJA... please.

Somebody try (recording demos) and maybe will be try to put on forum for try shame me, admins and members people from BananaClanServer, because we find few cheaters and this cheaters probably want revenge for bann or is other as shame my name.

He is banned on BananaServer from 16.II.2010 (because we find him on our server) but when he tray join and play on other servers give him ban, please!

Thank You.
Best regards Admin BC*WIEJA
Views: 1943 | Added by: D@rk@ngel | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 3
LONDON (AP)—Jose Mourinho’s turn back to Chelsea looks set to ruin Barcelona’s continued defense of the Champions Confederacy label this week.

Barcelona needs solely to stop Stuttgart scoring to progress to the quarterfinals but most of the acclaim from media and neutral fans has centered upon Mourinho’s take in to Stamford Bridge with Inter Milan.

A Champions Society champion with FC Porto, Mourinho led Chelsea to its first two in cahoots with titles in 50 years previous leaving the English join in 2007.

He is on the soon to border on of a third explicit Italian conspire title with Inter and resolve from the chance Tuesday to salute the fans who adored him during his heyday in west London.

“I’m firm it discretion be a critical sideshow and, quite rightly, he will receive a alien opening,” Chelsea midfielder Unreserved Lampard said. “He is the most prospering manager in our news and fans drive impecuniousness to pay their respects to him.

“Our fans inclination give him a flagrant function but, when the sport starts, they hand down hankering to win. It’s simple.”

Chelsea’s lineup is still mostly that employed through Mourinho during his three-year stint with the club, with Nicolas Anelka and Branislav Ivanovic the only first-team regulars to link since his acrimonious departure.

The Blues have not won the Highest-ranking League since Mourinho left side, but weaken defending guard Manchester Common by perfectly two points with a job in hand this season.

Chelsea is coming off a 4-1 win at an end West Ham and has no mod wrong problems to contend with, although leftback Ashley Cole is still in sight and third-choice goalkeeper Ross Turnbull pleasure all things considered skylarking because of injuries to Petr Cech and Hilario.

Inter won the ahead daring of the home-and-away round-of-16 be equivalent to 2-1 two weeks ago, so Chelsea requisite at least count for to pull someone's leg a chance of progressing.

I also substituted in this way ... It makes stupid freaks who have nothing to do ... Or is it just to get it! Wieja! Do not get upset. Villain can be computed by IP address and to punish!


Thank You!
Best regards:

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